East Sac Edible

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During the Edible Garden Tour, one question that I got a lot was what is this plant?DSC_2882

Well I knew it started with an L-sound and it had something like a “rope” in the name but I couldn’t quite remember. By the end of the day we had about 8 different pronunciations. I had to look back in my garden notes to find the correct spelling and pronunciation. This plant is Liriope. I have the variegated clumping type along the walkways of my garden.DSC_2883

One reason why I didn’t know the name was because my landscaper put it in and I don’t pay much attention to plants that don’t give me food. I do know that it is extremely drought tolerant and does well in the shade of my house as well as in the full hot Sacramento sun. Since we landscaped, I have barely paid attention to them and they don’t seem to be bothered by my neglect. They even decided to bloom bright violet flowers for the Edible Garden tour for all the people to ooh and ahh over.  So if you want a nice plant that you don’t have to worry about I suggest “Le-rope” (my suggested pronunciation… which was probably THE WORST out of all the suggestions of the day)… or “Liriope.”