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June Harvests

My garden is finally giving me some reward for all the hard work I’ve put into the garden the last few months. We are beginning to eat more regularly out of the garden. Our first zucchini have come in and I am determined to pick it while it is small and tender. We have been roasting lots of root vegetables like carrots and beets.  I’m excited for what else my garden has to offer me. DSC_1585 DSC_1586 DSC_1588 DSC_1595 DSC_1648


Today’s Garden Happenings

Here are a few photographs from my garden today. DSC_1764 DSC_1765Cucumber acrobatics! This cucumber is floating mid-air completely horizontal with the help of tendrils.

DSC_1767Bees were swarming my Waltham butternut squash this morning. Go pollinators!

DSC_1769 The first of my tomatoes turning color! Can’t wait to bite into my first tomato of the season! DSC_1770The volunteer Rudbeckia blossomed this morning.

DSC_1772Redina lettuce flowering. Seeds should be right around the corner!

DSC_1773Flowering carrots

DSC_1774The Blue Lake runner beans finally made it to the top of my trellis!