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Easy Garden Project: DIY Bee Bath

Yesterday I made a bee bath for the bees in my garden. Bees need water but they also need a safe place to land while they drink. Make this easy bee bath to encourage the bees to stay in your garden!

Find a shallow plate with a little lip and clean it out. I used a pot saucer. Fill it with marbles and or rocks. DSC_2523 DSC_2524

Fill the plate with water making sure to leave some of the rocks uncovered. I filled mine quite high because it is so hot in Sacramento that I am sure the water will evaporate quickly. DSC_2525

Add a space astronaut to greet the bees.

DSC_2526Add your new bee bath to your garden somewhere the bees like to gather. I think I am going to put my under the Rudbeckia and in the shade so the water doesn’t evaporate so quickly. Done and done!