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August 2014 Harvest Tally

Wait! August is over already? How did that happen? Well I am a little behind getting to my harvest poundage for the month. But here it is:

My total poundage for August (2014) is 45.41 pounds.

My total poundage August (2013) was 107.27 pounds.

What happened? So there is a reason why I was behind getting to adding up the poundage this month and that is because it is DEPRESSING! I was trying to avoid this moment. I knew my poundage was going to be way off from my 2013 total but WOW it is really off. And the main reason is my tomatoes have barely produced anything. So far this summer I have only had about 26 pounds of tomatoes which is really pathetic considering I have 12 tomato plants in the ground!

So that pretty much seals the deal. There is no way I am going to reach my 500 pound goal with poor harvests like this. August should be the highest yielding month for any home gardener and with a meager 45 pounds harvest it has crushed my dreams. It is rare to find a depressed gardener in August. I’m too depressed to even put up any pictures of my lousy, non-producing garden.  My freezer is depressed too because it is empty longing for roasted tomato sauce. Thanks a lot tomatoes!