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Canning Shelving

When we moved into the house, our garage had no built-in storage. Since we actually park both cars in the garage, we needed to find a solution to our storage issues. We hired a local cabinet company (their factory is even located in Sacramento!) to make us some upper cabinets and a work bench as well. Also we had a little side area where I asked for a broom closet and a pantry closet. As you can see I asked for many, many shelves in this pantry closet because my idea was that I would be storing my many jars of canned goods as I kept up with the fruits of the garden. The shelves are moveable so I can move them to fit different size jars.

Did you know that you are not supposed to stack your canned jars? I was reading Theresa Loe’s blog post about canning and this post comments on two things I had never heard about. One was not to leave the rings on your cans when you are storing them. The second was not to stack your jars on top of each other. This made me think about my canning pantry and made me glad that I asked for extra shelves! This way I have plenty of room and wont be tempted to stack my jars.

DSC_0855 DSC_0856