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Baby Mikado Turnips

In late January, I planted a row of Renee’s Garden’s Japanese Baby Mikado Turnips. This is my first time planting them and I am happy with the results. I usually plant Purple Top Turnips but sometimes it is hard to use up a huge turnip all at once so when I saw these baby turnips I thought it would be perfect. I planted a row of both turnips and while my baby turnips are ready for picking, my purple tops are still growing which means I will have an extended season of turnips! These turnips are about the size of a large radish. When I cut into them they have a very nice turnipy smell to them but when cooked they are nice and mild. I wash both the turnip and the leaves and stir fry them in a little toasted sesame oil before putting them in miso soup. Yum!
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