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Garbage Workers to the Rescue!


20150304_101212Today I had two babies sound asleep in the back of my car while we were driving to music class. I happened to stumble upon a mountain of trash in front of a house which had a perfectly usable large roll of mesh fencing, perfect for building compost piles frames. I was trying to figure out a way to get this large roll of mesh into my car (which clearly was not going to fit with the babies in the car) when the garbage truck and claw came by. The workers asked me if I wanted anything else from the pile and despondently I had told them that I didn’t think the mesh was going to fit in my car. These two men took 10 minutes of their day to fold the mesh into quarters (using their most powerful tool… the CLAW) so it would fit in my trunk. One said, “This will grow great beans!” City workers after my own heart!


Crushing the mesh with the claw!

A shout out to the great city workers who helped me make sure one person’s trash could be diverted from the waste stream into my garden! And they didn’t even wake the two sleeping babies!

3 thoughts on “Garbage Workers to the Rescue!

  1. oh my god, I love them!

  2. That’s awesome! I love stories like this.

  3. yeah! awesome find! I love finding things in trash piles, and how great that the guys were able to help you!

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