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A Stormy Harvest

DSC_0378With wind blowing ferociously outside, I decided it would be a good time to harvest my Satsuma tree. This tree is only two years old and is really tiny but was loaded with fruit. Looking outside this morning with the impending big storm, I feared that this little tree wasn’t going to make it through the storm with the heavy weight of the fruit. So I donned my rain boots and jacket for a harvest. It is a pretty magnificent haul from such a small tree. 21 Satsumas for eating, almost 16 pounds! I lost 3 more to slugs since the tree was weighed down to the ground and the fruit was touching the soil.  It is nice that even on a day like today I am able to harvest something from my garden. We probably wont go out for the rest of the day so we will hunker down with a fire, s’mores, hot drinks and a puzzle. DSC_0375


November 2014 Harvest Tally

DSC_0369Now that we are saying hello to December we can reflect on what happened in the garden in November. I pretty much lost steam in regards to my garden so not much to report. In November there wasn’t much to harvest but I have still been picking basil, kale, butternut squash, Hokkori winter kabocha, Trombetta squash, peppers, strawberries and lots of herbs like parsley, sage, and thyme. The herbs came in handy for Thanksgiving dinner. I’m not sure how I am still getting strawberries at this time of year but my daughter is enjoying them.

My total poundage for November (2014) is 27.06 pounds.

My total poundage November (2013) was 17.41 pounds.

My yearly total is 369 pounds.

DSC_0370If I can suggest one piece of gardening advice it is to grow your own herbs. They are so easy to grow and are pretty much “set it and forget it” plants. When not much else is going on in my garden at this time of year, my herbs still look great. Plus they are perfect for adding to Thanksgiving dinner. I used thyme and sage for my Vegan Mushroom gravy, and parsley and chives to add into mashed potato pancakes. Plus throwing a few herb plants in the ground is economical. Take sage for example. My one plant provided me fresh leaves for Thanksgiving dinner plus some for drying. The plant cost me a buck whereas a small spice jar of dried rubbed sage from the store can cost you $5-6. Even for an herb that I don’t use that often, planting your own is a no brainer.

I was going to take pictures of my herbs for you but the last couple of days we have had our first REAL rain in over two years. We have had a few showers here and there but this storm reminded me of what fall storms are supposed to feel like. It is sad when you have a year and a half year old and they have NEVER experienced rain before. After a downpour yesterday and some puddle stomping, we enjoyed the most vibrant rainbow (although my pictures don’t do it justice). Happy rainy season!