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My Gardening Nightmare Returns: The Dreaded Hornworm Part 2


So awhile ago I posted about my gardening nightmare and it looks like my nightmare just got a bit bigger. Look at the size of this guy!!DSC_2531

He was happily munching on my tomato plant before I got him and disposed him. The most frustrating thing is that I have only been able to find about 3 hornworms so far on my plants (which doesn’t sound like a problem)…. except I know there are more that are just so well camouflaged that I can’t seem to find them. I go outside to stare at my tomato plants and my eyes go blurry from staring at all the green. I know they are there because of their trail of poo but my eyes just can’t focus long enough to find the monsters. Or maybe I just don’t have that many hornworms this year… yeah… let’s go with that. I like that answer better.DSC_2532

2 thoughts on “My Gardening Nightmare Returns: The Dreaded Hornworm Part 2

  1. Last year I only found two. This year I can’t wait to find some and feed them to the duckies! Circle of life!

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