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June 2014 Harvest Tally

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DSC_2132Happy July! Now that June has come to a close I can tally up my harvest poundage for the month. This month I harvested: basil, beets, blueberries, broccoli, carrots, cucumber, kale, chives, onions, strawberries, parsley, thyme, zucchini and garlic! I also got a few of my first tomatoes!

My total poundage for June (2014) is  38.90 pounds.

My total poundage June (2013) was 46.01 pounds.

My total poundage for 2014 is 108 pounds!

My June total is a bit lower but I am not worried since this total does not include the garlic or onions I harvested. I am still waiting for those to dry completely before I clean them up, trim the tops and then I will weigh them. I am sure that the poundage from the garlic and onions will bring the total way beyond my June 2013 total. 

DSC_2133When I compare my monthly totals from my 2013 garden to my 2014 garden, I have noticed a few things. It seems like in 2013 I was harvesting some items much earlier like basil and tomatoes. It feels like I am about a half month behind. There are plenty of green tomatoes on the plants but they just haven’t made that turn to edible yet. I wonder if my trip to Japan pushed back my planting time a little bit and that has contributed to some delay in my harvesting. Also we had a few days of extremely hot weather (several 100 degree days and even a day of 106!). We do get a few days of extremely hot weather during our Sacramento summers but I don’t remember that it got this hot in June. I think my tomatoes were a bit confused and they did drop lots of flowers after those extreme days of heat.


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