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With lavender and my salvias in full bloom, I’ve observed so many more bees in action. The bees have definitely communicated to one another that my garden is the place to be! Last year our plants were fresh in the ground so I would only witness the occasional bee or two. I’m not sure if our plants were new to the neighborhood so not many came to my garden or the lack of bees was a sign of colony collapse. Of course this is only my second year of gardening in Sacramento so I don’t have much evidence to go off of but this year there are so many more bees in my garden. Not only are there more honey bees but there are many different varieties of bumble bees. I’ve even seen some bees that I have never seen before. I take all of this as a good sign that my garden is healthy and thriving. The lavender and salvias tend to be the biggest attractor for the bees which will mean I will have pollinators when my beans and squashes start to bloom. Plus an added benefit is that these plants are super drought hardy. They have thrived on very little water and you wouldn’t know California is having a drought looking at these plants!

DSC_1314 DSC_1322

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