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May 2014 Harvest Tally

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Happy June! Now that May has come to a close I can tally up my harvest poundage for the month. This month I harvested: lettuces, beets, blueberries, broccoli, carrots, kale, snap peas, strawberries, turnips and my first zucchini, cucumber and basil!


My total poundage for May (2014) is 29.12 pounds.

My total poundage May (2013) was 31.88 pounds.

Not too bad although I am a bit disappointed that I harvested less than 2013. I still feel confident about getting toward my 500 pound goal. This is an exciting time of year because I know the next few months will be a whirlwind of harvesting! Yesterday evening, I went into the garden to gather some veggies for a simple pasta dinner. I harvested broccoli, basil, kale and my first zucchini of the season. It was a totally green harvest! I quickly sautéed the veggies in some olive oil and added some roasted tomato sauce from last summer’s harvest that I had frozen. When I looked down at the extremely quick dinner I had put together I realized that EVERYTHING on the plate, except the pasta, was from my garden!


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