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Jalapeño Plant



Last year I made a several jars of pickled jalapeños that were so delicious that I ate them all up  before we even got into November. I thought I would make enough jars to can and save for the year but I just kept on eating them. One goal of this year is to grow enough jalapeños in order to can this spicy treat to last me the entire year… well, at least half of the year.

So I decided to start my peppers earlier this year. Last year I started in February, so this year I started some seed in January. I used a heat mat to increase my germination rate with varied results. And I put my peppers under grow lights after up potting them. They were truly pampered peppers!

Then while I was in Japan, there was an aphid infestation.

Then the slugs got them.

So basically I was able to salvage about 20 good peppers plants but only a few of these were jalapeños. Last year I had 4 jalapeño plants from which I harvested so I need more than a few if I want to can them.

Enter: Mucho Nacho!


So I was at Green Acres yesterday and I always take a look at their vegetable plants. I never buy any plants because I try to start everything from seed but it is always nice to look at plants and get good ideas for my next growing season. Anyway I looked over and saw this magnificent pepper plant. Then I looked at the name and I couldn’t pass it up. If you want a year’s supply of jalapeño peppers, wouldn’t you buy a plant named Mucho Nacho? I think you would.


3 thoughts on “Jalapeño Plant

  1. I didn’t plant any jalapeños but your pickled jalapeños are tempting me. I may need to pick some up!

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