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Baby’s First Blueberries

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Our three blueberry plants are two years old now. Yesterday the baby and I went out into the garden and the green blueberries had turned a deep blue color. Ready for picking! I gave a blueberry to my daughter. This is her first whole blueberry (I made her some pureed blueberries when she was younger). I don’t tend to buy blueberries because blueberries are not our favorite fruit.

My daughter tasted her first blueberry from the garden… in the garden… and immediately said, “Mo” (her word for more). She ate a dozen right away before we came back inside to grab a colander to collect more. This is the reason why I garden. Fresh, straight from the garden food for my family.

The variety of blueberries I am growing is called Southmoon. These plants can get 6 feet tall and have been doing extremely well in our garden. These plants are so low maintenance that I usually forget about them until one day they are full of blueberries ready to pick. Occasionally I will throw some coffee grounds or Azalea fertilizer to give a boost of acid in the soil on them but other than that I just leave them alone.

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