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Garden Theme Party Part 3: Flower Height Chart

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For the children’s birthday party, my sister came up with this idea for a height chart for one of the children’s activities. She put up an old piece of cardboard on the wall. Her good friend is an amazing artist and frequently does mural work for children so we asked her if she could be our muralist (as well as our face painter for our party!). My sister researched heights of various flowers and our artist beautifully painted the flowers on the cardboard the morning of the party. The flowers from biggest to smallest were: Sunflower, Rose, Dahlia, and Daisy. My sister also cut out little leaves out of paper and wrote the names of the children attending the party so that they could stick their names next to their corresponding heights. DSC_1408 DSC_1409  DSC_1412 - Version 2 DSC_1411 - Version 2

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