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The Compost Sifter

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My friend over at Seed Sowing Mama made me this awesome compost sifter last year. It is a simple frame, and particularly easy to use in a small space. My composting area is very small and I don’t have too much room to work so sifting the compost would be much easier if I had a little bit more space. This sifter does the job quickly even though it takes a little bit of effort.

DSC_1302 DSC_1303 DSC_1304

These three photos show you the progression of the compost being sifted. The sifter really keeps out bigger items so I end up with this lovely looking stuff:

DSC_1305 DSC_1309

Here are my two finished piles. The pile to the front is the finished compost and the pile to the back is all the bigger pieces that didn’t go through the sifter. Usually I would throw the bigger piece pile back into my active compost in order to let it break down a bit more but my compost is full to the brim! The finished pile is going into the garden right away and the second pile will wait near my compost. Maybe I will use it to cover up any fresh kitchen waste to detract any rodents. Also I was only able to sift about half of my finished compost before it got too hot and I was ready for lunch. I have to get back out there and finish this job!

If you are interested in how Seed Sowing Mama made this compost sifter click to see her DIY Compost Sifter.



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