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This Year’s Challenge: 500 pounds

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This year I want to grow at least 500 pounds of vegetables from my garden. Last year, I grew 425 pounds. Because of our landscaping, I wasn’t able to harvest anything until April. My goal last year was also 500 pounds so I was 75 pounds short of my goal. This year I am determined and I have kept careful notes year round about my garden and how different varieties have been doing in my yard. I also have been planting biointensively so this year I need to do some work around amending my soil to ensure healthy yields.

Last year we put in 5 dwarf trees on our property. Last year we got 1, just 1, orange. I am hoping to get more fruit this year. However, that means that 425 pounds was all from vegetables. That’s a lot of poundage. Trust me. I had to process all of it some how. I had mountains of vegetables on my kitchen counters during the summer. So although I will be keeping track of my fruit poundage as well I will keep it separate so I will know how much comes from the fruit trees versus the rest of the garden.

I’ll keep you updated on the poundage through the year but so far:

                                            2013                         2014

January Total:           0 lbs                       2.02 lbs

February Total:         0 lbs                        3.08 lbs

March Total:               0 lbs                        5.88 lbs

April Total:                 10.33 lbs                 29.48 lbs

One thought on “This Year’s Challenge: 500 pounds

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