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Lettuce, lettuce, lettuce

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We have been enjoying lettuces by the bucketful! I started my lettuce seeds back in January  indoors. Currently I have three varieties in the garden and I have to start some more seed before it gets too hot.  My favorite lettuce is Redina. These large red leaves are great for wrapping or cut up in a salad. Plus the color gives a great pop in the salad bowl. My second favorite currently is an unknown butter lettuce. It is pretty and the leaves hold up well. I think it is the perfect lettuce to go with my warm goat cheese salad a la Chez Panisse. The third lettuce is called Emerald Oak. It does great in my garden and always looks good too. However, I am not too fond of the taste. It has a real bitter aftertaste. Not my cup of tea but I did give a head to a good friend who is a pro at salad dressings. I am sure she can find the right vinaigrette to compliment it’s bitter taste.

 DSC_1283Redina Lettuce

DSC_1281Unknown butter lettuce

DSC_1282Emerald Oak Lettuce


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